Below are some of the organizations John supports through teaching, coaching, leadership and consulting.

The Three Doors

The Three Doors is an international organization that supports the dissemination of simple and effective methods of self transformation that are suitable for people from any walk of life. John co-leads the European Academy, and teaches public events for the 3 Doors throughout Europe and the US.

Chamma Ling Colorado

This solitary retreat center in Crestone, Colorado supports practitioners in their solitary retreats, as well as provides several teaching retreats each year. John serves as director and leads retreats in Crestone and for regional groups.

Ligmincha International

This is the headquarters for Ligmincha worldwide, and Serenity Ridge can host 150+ people for retreat events. John helped establish Ligmincha in the early 1990’s, and regularly leads retreats and practices at Ligmincha centers in the US, Europe and Latin America.

Ligmincha Learning

This is the online learning presence for Ligmincha Internation. John created the site and collaborates with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche in the design, production and mentoring of courses.

University of Virginia School of Medicine

John served on the faculty of the School of Medicine for 23 years in many different leadership roles, including Assistant Dean of Medical Education Support. John continues to provide consulting services to departments within the University in the areas of curriculum design, competency mapping, and e-learning.