New Course on the Three Heart Mantras

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Om Ma Tri stone

Heart Mantra at Mt. Kailash.  John & Barun, 2011.

Yes, that’s right! We are working on a new online course with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche on the Three Heart Mantras of Bön. We are doing the video production in December, and if all goes smoothly, we hope to have the new course available on the Ligmincha Learning site by late spring or early summer 2014.

The Three Heart Mantras are used in many different meditations in the Bön tradition, and play a major role in the ngrondro practices. They are said to be the essence of enlightenment in sound and energy, and as we sing or chant the mantras our awareness is transformed to be in union with the Buddhas. They are used for purification, protection, and as primary practices toward self realization.

It is said that creating these mantras in any form brings merit and purification, so they are commonly found carved into stones, as seen above, printed on prayer flags where they spread their benefits through the winds, and even drawn with gold ink and kept on shrines as an object of reverence and meditation. Their blessings are said to be endless.


  1. John, I really hope to participate in this course. It sounds like it will be really interesting. I’m not familiar with the heart mantras (at least I don’t think I am). Do you recommend any resources where we can learn a little bit about this topic before the course? Our course on the Six Lokas was fabulous. I’m sure this will be great too.

  2. Kim,
    You can find a brief description of the three heart mantras on this discussion forum.
    Once we are further along in the course development we will post a more complete description of the teaching on the site.

  3. Hi John
    Thats wonderful, I am looking forward to it:)
    And great to find your site too, Zeyno told us all about it!
    Love Ruth

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