Tibetan Culture

Losar: Tibetan Customs and Rituals for the New Year

Since the Tibetan Losar celebration for the New Year of the Wood Horse is on March 2nd, I thought it would be useful to share some of the customs and rituals around this important holiday. Losar marks the most important holiday for Tibetans, and is celebrated over several weeks with rituals and dances. It is a lunar holiday, falling on a new moon usually in February or March. Sometimes it coincides with the Chinese New Year celebrations, but this year it does not.  Most of the rituals performed in Tibetan monasteries  precede the actual day of Losar, but there is also a flurry of celebrations on the actual Losar day. One interesting aspect is that Tibetans also consider their age to change on Losar day, rather than their day of birth. So not only is it the New...

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