Healing the Earth in Denmark

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Sang Chod teachingMarch 21-22, 2014 we will be in Skanderborg, Denmark leading a retreat on the ancient Tibetan smoke offering rituals.

For thousands of years, the wise that have come before us have respected and connected with the forces of nature. If you yearn to reconnect, to live in harmony with the world we call our home, join us for this weekend of ancient sacred ritual and meditation. We will work through the Tibetan smoke offering practices of sang chöd and sur chöd to make peace with the forces of nature, and with ourselves. These simple practices, variations of which are performed daily throughout Asia by millions of people from all walks of life, lead to feelings of connection and belonging in the sacred mother earth. Sur chöd helps support the creation of a peaceful environment by bringing peace to our ancestors, and can be a great support at the time of the passing of a friend or family member. For further information and registration contact Birgit Bastholm Bune.

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