The Coaching Process

Many sessions begin with a brief centering exercise, to bring our awareness into the present moment. Then you will define your goal for the session, and report back on your activities and insights since our previous session. Through powerful questions and dialog, together we develop a plan to reach the next step toward your goal. Sometimes we may discover blocks, and when we do, together we will discover and create ways to overcome them. If needed, we may role-play difficult conversations so you have a chance to practice what you need to say. By the end of the session you will have created you plan for reaching the next step of your goal. Throughout I will be at your side, encouraging, questioning, stimulating you to think in new ways, and helping you to be accountable. Coaching sessions are a lot of fun and many times bring new enthusiasm and insight into your life.

Coaching sessions last 55 minutes, with a base price of $95. I do sometimes make adjustments according to financial need, or if you live in a country with a lower cost of living than the US. I also offer package plans where you can pay for a block of three sessions at one time at a discounted rate of $270. Sometimes people wish to be coached in small groups of two or three, and the session cost is divided. Together we can determine a plan that best works for you.

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