Healing the Earth – Healing Ourselves: The Five Elements

The Five Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, make up our world. We too are manifestations of an interplay and dance of the five elements. Each of the five elements has its own unique set of energetic qualities. Earth is grounded, centered. Water is fluid and comfortable. Fire is warming, creative and energetic. Air is flexible and fresh. Space is open, peaceful. When all our elements are in balance within ourselves, we are peaceful yet creative and fresh.

There are many ways to balance the elements within ourselves: meditations, rituals, mantras, mudras and visualizations. Below is an easy meditation in which we simply and directly connect with the qualities of each of the elements in nature. By simply being in nature and feeling the energy of each of the elements we resonate with those energies, with that harmony. This brings an experience of peace, openness, and balance filled with energy and aliveness.

The meditation below takes about 25 minutes, with about five minutes devoted to balancing each of the five elements. It is best done in nature, sitting comfortably where you can feel and experience the elements manifesting around you. Before you begin notice how you feel. After the meditation, notice any changes in yourself. How does your mind, your body feel? I think you will be delightfully surprised.

Below you will find a PDF that summarizes many of the key qualities of the Five Elements. To learn more about the elements, their qualities, and how to balance them in ourselves, see Healing with Form, Energy and Light, by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. This book also describes other forms of meditation and mantras that can be used to balance the elements.