Five Lessons for Life

In the wonderful TEDx presentation below, Anita Moorjani describes how she faced end stage cancer, and slipped into a coma as her family was called to say their last goodbyes. She left her body and her consciousness expanded, as she became aware of what all her family was experiencing, even her brother who was on a plane rushing to see her before she passed. She felt the consciousness of her father and best friend, who had recently passed, trying to guide and help her understand what she was experiencing. She found herself in a realm of clarity, where she was much more than her individual identity, where she was connected to all other beings. She experienced how we are all expressions of one universal consciousness.

After experiencing these insights, her father convinced her to return to her body, to face her life without fear, knowing that she had dissolved the cause of her cancer – her own fear. She did return back to her body and within five days her tumors had shrunk by 70%. In five weeks she left the hospital, cancer free.

She distilled what she learned into these five lessons for life:

  1. Love all, and love and value yourself
  2. Live life fearlessly
  3. Enjoy laughter and joy
  4. Life is a gift, and all our challenges are gifts
  5. Be yourself, and embrace your uniqueness

Ms. Moorjani’s experiences mirror many others’ near death experiences, including my own. Consistently people describe an experience of a beautiful universal consciousness, and return with a new vision of how to live life. Fortunately we do not have to die in order to discover how to truly live. We have the choice with every breath how we live our lives. What can stop us from living without fear, from living a life of joy and love?

I hope you enjoy this inspirational talk by Anita Moorjani, Dying to be Me!