What Can Coaching Provide?

People seek out a coach for many different reasons. Sometimes life is presenting so many challenges and options, it helps to have another clear mind to sort through all the possibilities and design the simplest and most enjoyable way forward. In the process we may discover new insights and clarity about what we wish to do with our life. Many traditional cultures included rites of passage that helped each person discover who they were, and what held meaning for them in their lives. That has been lost in modern societies, and many people never take a pause in their lives to reflect on what is really important and meaningful to them, in their work, personal relationships or their inner growth. Coaching is an opportunity to go deeper, accomplish our goals, and discover new meaning our lives.

Let’s look at some examples of how this can work. A common situation is that people feel stuck in their job, but don’t know how or what to do to move to their next stage in their career. In the coaching process we try to discover what it is that we most enjoy in our work. What excites and motivates us? We look at the current work situation and see if there are practical ways to change your job so that your values and interests can fully manifest. How might you change your work, or change your job, to bring greater fulfillment? What are concrete steps you can take to make this a reality? What new skills you would like to develop? In the process of working through this process, you may discover aspects of yourself that you have pushed aside, or areas of new interest that you would like to explore. A coach encourages and supports you in this discovery process. And a coach helps you stick to your plan, carry through on the tough spots, and celebrate your successes.

Some people feel stuck because of a lack of confidence. Perhaps earlier in your life others have told you that you are not good enough, not bright enough, or not attractive. When we have these experiences at a young age they can have a profound impact, and hold us back from enjoying all our potential, from enjoying our lives. In situations like this a coach can provide ways to develop self-confidence, cultivate skills that help you carry through on your ideas, and break through old barriers that you have set for yourself. With somebody in your corner, telling you Yes! You can! you will find it much easier to overcome your fears, and accomplish your dreams.

At the heart of personal change is self-awareness. When we become aware of our patterns that hold us back, we can let them go, transforming them into positive habits that support our growth and well being. With self awareness we cut through the busyness, the habits, the old patterns that do not serve us well. With self awareness we cultivate what is most important, most meaningful, and most satisfying. We use many ways to increase self awareness in the coaching process, such as deep questioning, reflection and mindfulness techniques. Many people find that these new techniques bring greater awareness and satisfaction to many dimensions of their lives.

Essentially coaching supports your personal growth. It is a path of self-discovery that leads to accomplishment, and greater satisfaction with life. What would you like to do in your life?