Entering into the Light

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Entering into the Light

Tibetan Bardo-teachings and the Near-Death-Experience

18 October evening through 20 October afternoon

As we and our loved ones enter into the last stages of life many questions arise. What happens after death of the body? How can I prepare? How can I best support my loved ones as they near this great transition?

In this weekend we will look at all these questions from the multiple perspectives of Tibetan Bön tradition, Western psychology and personal experience. We will introduce meditation practices you can use to prepare yourself for the great transition, and ways that you can help others resolve their fears, discover their peace, and enter into the light in a beautiful way. This transition offers many wonderful opportunities to let go of old negativities, and discover the light of liberation.

Location: Königstein in the Taunus, near Frankfurt Germany

Cost: 190 Euro

Lodging & Food: There will be drinks and snacks available throughout the seminar. For lunch and dinner the city of Königstein offers a variety of international food. For those who would like to stay over in Königstein a list of Hotels will be sent.

Registration & Questions: H. Manuel Weihrauch rikpa418@yahoo.de